About me

Welcome to my blog!

I'm Sannie (Sandra) and love playing the Sims. Although in fairness, I spend more time decorating, building and customizing sims than actually playing the game. In 2011 I started making custom content (paintings only). But as tends to happen with me, I eventually bored with the Sims 3 and stopped playing it for a very long time.

Recently, I'd say around Christmas of 2013, I started playing again and missed my own custom content because over the years I have lost the files. And so I started making it again.

Remembering that people liked it when I shared my creations, I started to save them in a back-up folder, just in case I decided to post them on this blog again. And I have! :)

But then some real stuff about me as a person. I live in Leeuwarden, Netherlands and am currently 32 y/old. I live with my partner and kittykat, waiting for our two new kittens to join our home. I love cooking (and eating), playing games and watching my favourite shows on TV. Oh and I am a total "nerd". Including work I probably spend 10-14 hours a day behind a computer and am not ashamed of it! I'm a Personal Assistant (PA) for a female CEO at a local company focussing on fiberglass internet connections for the business market and colocation in our datacenter.

Anyway, welcome again to my blog, I hope you enjoy your stay and find many paintings you would like to have in your own game! :)